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Treating Dental Emergencies

When dental emergencies receive the proper care, they can be prevented from becoming severe and can recover faster. Dental emergencies come with many questions, and we are happy to provide some answers on how you can protect your smile.

What are oral emergencies to beware of?
These common dental emergencies could merit a trip to the dentist:

– Lost teeth: If you lost a tooth, place it carefully in your mouth or carry it in milk until you get to the dentist so that we can determine if it can be reattached in your smile.
– Lost dental fillings: Use dental cement or chewing gum to cover the area of the lost filling until our dentist places a new filling.
– Lost dental crowns: Clove oil can help a tooth that lost a crown. Coat a cotton ball or swab and apply it to the remaining tooth structure.

Should I seek help for a bitten lip or gums?
Biting your lips or gums could result in a dental emergency if the injury is bad enough to need stitches. In the meantime, clean the bite and cover the injury with gauze to reduce bleeding.

How can I reduce the risk of oral accidents?
Take precautions to protect your teeth when needed, such as seeking treatment for any tooth grinding habits and wearing a sports mouth guard when active.

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