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Potential Ways Yogurt Can Help Your Mouth

Yogurt may offer a few benefits for your mouth. You may be able to get some extra nutrients, combat bad breath and reduce the risk of cavities.

Yogurt can provide some extra bits of protein and calcium. Both of these nutrients can be helpful for your teeth, as they are both important for maintaining your enamel.

Yogurt can also provide probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria. These little guys may help you by taking up space in your mouth, which can leave less room for less-friendly bacteria. In doing so, the probiotics may be able to reduce your risk of cavities and bad breath, as the bad bacteria can be the source of these problems.

Choosing sugarless yogurts may be more helpful in this case. Sugar can attract the bad bacteria, so having less of it may help you enjoy more of the benefits above. Likewise, eating yogurt does not make it less important to brush or floss. A good oral health routine is still your first line of defense.

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