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What Causes Tooth Decay?

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I Brush My Teeth Twice A Day, So Why Do I Still Have Decays?

No matter how much we take care of our teeth, the problem of decay, which we cannot get rid of, is actually the result of mistakes we make without realizing them. Tooth decay is affected by many factors. Although dental care is the most important factor, also your diet and your lifestyle,  the water you drink, and the structure of your teeth cause teeth to decay.
However it is important to brush your teeth, it is never enough on its own for effective dental care. Before treatment of decay and cavities, it is important to understand the nature and occurrence of decay. If tooth decay is not treated, it can cause pain, infection, and even tooth loss. If you have tooth decay you should visit your dentist and start treatment as soon as possible.

What is Tooth Decay?
Tooth decay is the deformations that occur as a result of the bacteria in your mouth.  It happens when bacteria in your mouth increase with the foods and drinks you eat and damage your teeth with the acid they produce.
Tooth decays are generally seen in three different types. Coronal decays that occur on the chewing surface or between the teeth can be encountered in patients of all ages. Root decay, which occurs in the tooth roots that are exposed by the recession of the gums, usually appears in older adults. Recurrent decays, on the other hand, occur around previously treated, decayed teeth. dental fillings can weaken, begin to break down, or develop rough edges. This allows plaque to build up more easily and makes it harder to remove.Woman tooth cavity


Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

How To Know If You Have A Tooth Decay

In the initial stage, decay appears as a blackened spot or area on the surface of a tooth but does not have any signs in terms of feeling. Because there are no nerve cells in the enamel that covers the outer part of the teeth. Having pain in your teeth for no reason can be an early sign of decay. As the enamel wears down, sensitivity in your teeth will increase and you feel severe pain after eating cold, hot, or sweet food and drinking acidic beverages.  Also feeling pain after biting with a specific area is an indication of a possible decay in that area. It can be detected by some visible signs according to the size and progress of the decays. Cavities and dark spots on the teeth are some of the visible symptoms. As the decay progresses, teeth cavity will expand and symptoms become worse.

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How Can Tooth Decay Be Prevented?

You can prevent tooth decay by taking some steps. First of all, you must brush your teeth regularly and effectively at least two times a day. You should brush your teeth using the right toothbrush and toothpaste, clean between the teeth constantly. It will be better if you use fluoride toothpaste to get enough fluoride by brushing. You may also use a fluoride mouth rinse. For healthy teeth, you must be careful about your diet and limit foods and beverages that contain high sugar and acid. You must not use tobacco products even if smokeless ones. If you are a smoker you must consider quitting.

It is very helpful to visit a dentist regularly for you and your children. Due to your dentist’s advice, you must have your children get sealants on their teeth especially back ones before decay attacks them.

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