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When To Use Space Maintainer on Teeth ?

Space maintainers, also known as spacers, are used for kids who have lost their baby teeth prematurely. Using a space maintainer stops the remaining adjacent baby teeth from moving to the open space. In this way, they not only help permanent adult teeth grow easily but also prevent future dental disorders. If you don’t apply a space maintainer to your child’s mouth when it is needed,  he or she could be more likely to need braces when all the adult teeth emerge.

Applied In Tooth Losses

When the baby teeth have to be extracted before their normal time, you may use a space maintainer to prevent the narrowing of the space in that area. When a child loses baby tooth early especially in the backside of the mouth where there is often less room for permanent teeth to develop and erupt, it is important to consult a dentist about using a space maintainer. If space maintainers are not applied in this case, the gap in the area will be closed, and the teeth coming from below will not be able to form a proper alignment, and will be crooked.

Fixed And Removable Holders

Space maintainers are made of acrylic or metal and are applied in two ways as Fixed and Removable Space maintainers. Fixed ones are attached to the teeth. The patient does not have to interfere with the appliance in this method. The removable space maintainer appliance has the feature of being put on and taken off by the patient. Moving ones are a more common method for tooth extraction. In some cases in dental treatments, removable space maintainers are used in that area to help the person’s nutrition and phonation, so that the person’s nutrition and phonation problems are eliminated. It is not an expensive application in terms of its importance in preventing future discomfort in the teeth.

How long should a space maintainer be used in the mouth?

Kids generally get used to them quickly. As they are not meant to move any teeth, there is usually no pain associated with them. The space maintainers can remain in the mouth until the adult teeth come out. While metal spring-type space maintainers need to be removed when the adult tooth starts growing in, acrylic ones are pushed out on their own by incoming permanent teeth.

Can Be Finished In Two Sessions

In the first examination, dental measurements of the patient are taken and space maintainers are prepared by the dental technicians. In the second session, the ready space maintainers are applied to the person by the dentist. Fixed space maintainers can be applied in a single session and do not cause metal allergies. It gives an image close to the natural tooth appearance. On the other hand, movable space maintainers are generally applied in multiple tooth losses.

How to care for a space maintainer:

  • You may brush your space maintainer together the other teeth in daily routine dental hygiene.
  • Continue dental visits as much as your dentist advises
  • Kids should not push on the device with their fingers or tongue
  • Avoid snacks such as chewing gum, sticky candy, and taffy

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