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What is teeth whitening?

before and after teeth whitening service
When you smile your teeth that shows the positivity and essence in you. You will feel more confident with a professional whitening treatment from Rochester Hills dental. Rochester Hills Dentists provide whitening treatments that are the most requested cosmetic dentistry treatment. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

What is teeth whitening?

The process of teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them brighter. It will not be able to make your teeth luminously white, but it can reduce the subsisting color by many stains. This is a cosmetic treatment that helps to lighten teeth by reducing stains. Every product of teeth whitening has to peroxide in two forms, either as carbamide peroxide (CP) or as hydrogen peroxide (HP).

The entire cost of teeth whitening:

The total expense of teeth whitening treatment varies based on your preferred treatment procedure. A survey was conducted in 2017 by the National Australian dental and according to them,
In-chair bleaching (118) can range up to $260 per tooth,
in addition to the favorable consultation and plaque removal (015 and 118), which can
range up to $280.
Rochester Hills Dentist before and after teeth whitening service

How does a dentist perform the entire process of teeth whitening ?

Professional whitening can be done in a dentist’s chamber and that may take just about an hour.  The entire procedure is done by using a gel of tooth whitening with the composition of hydrogen peroxide in about 25% to 40% and then enacting a heating lamp at your teeth for 20- minute intervals, with reusing the gel between intervals. A doctor also uses a laser to perform this process. While doing the method, a shielding impediment is employed to keep your mouth, gums, and tongue out from the whitening gel so it keeps up in point on your teeth. For best results, the dentist will usually give you whitening trays molded for your teeth so you can follow up at home with bleaching solutions.
The peroxide that contains teeth whitening products assist to diminish the organic stains present in teeth. It helps to transform the color and make a whitened effect in teeth. Passing into the tiny pores of the enamel before the stain cuts down and blocks out light this process is performed. The teeth look brighter while the light goes deeper through the teeth. It makes the teeth look
brighter as the stains are broken into smaller numbers. Peroxide-containing teeth whitening products can be available in the market in four types. Such as:
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In-Practice Products

This treatment is done by a dental professional. The products in this procedure encompass a maximum percentage of peroxide and are always directly given to the teeth. This can be sometimes generated by a laser or heat, and light. If you don’t suffer from tooth sensitivity, this procedure can be best for you to give faster results.

Dentist Take-Home Products

A take-home product that is regulated by a cosmetic dentist contains a lower percentage of peroxide than in-practice products and can be washed away in a tray overnight or during the day at home.
Over-the-Counter Products
The products of this treatment have a low percentage of peroxide and have less effective outcomes. Maximum products contain an acidic solution that can defect tooth enamel, so it should be used cautiously. In a few cases, it can take up to 6 months to show results.

OTC Toothpaste

Over-the-counter teeth-whitening toothpaste also includes a small percentage of peroxide or a polishing element. The toothpaste is useful in peeling off dirt and whitening teeth. A cosmetic dentist usually instructs you about the advantages of using these products along with cavity protection before your purchase.

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