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When Is the Right Time to Get Braces?

The perfect occasion to commence orthodontic treatment does not exist. The Right Time to Get Braces varies according to several criteria:

  • The pathology to correct,
  • The maturity of the child,
  • The ability to accept a device.

All these criteria determine the age at which the start of treatment will take place.

In some instances, the treatment with dentist Rochester Hills Mi requires the presence of all the permanent teeth, which conditions the start of treatment.

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Why is adolescence a proper time to get braces?

We speak of orthodontics in adolescents when treatments are implemented from 12 years old, unlike early orthodontics, which can be started from 5-6 years old.

The main advantage of starting pediatric dentist in Rochester Hills Mi treatment after 12 years is that we will work on permanent teeth while benefiting from a growth potential that will correct specific imbalances, especially in the jaws.

Bracing in adolescence is generally more accessible than in adults and typically requires fewer dental extractions or complex surgical procedures. It is also relatively better accepted by adolescents as many of them wear it at this age.

In addition, orthodontics in adolescents can also correspond to the result of treatment undertaken during childhood. In this case, the first treatment is usually to enlarge the dental arch or change the position of the jaws, while the second treatment will focus more on the position of the teeth.

The main difficulties associated with orthodontics during adolescence

While orthodontic treatments tend to be more effective when they are used during adolescence, this period can also complicate the proper course of care somewhat, particularly due to:

  • Variable motivation to go to orthodontist appointments
  • Less rigour in dental hygiene
  • A pronounced taste for sweet and acidic drinks and foods
  • An increased risk of shocks and trauma (primarily because of sport)
  • The importance is given to appearance and the desire to end treatment quickly
  • Wearing dental piercing or jewellery

Therefore, it is crucial that the decision to wear braces comes from the teenagers themselves and not just from the parents. Without their active participation, a treatment will indeed be less likely to give good results.

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What is dental retention? Moreover, why is it essential?

After the orthodontic treatment itself (usually after 12 to 24 months), the teenager will wear a retainer to finalize the results. This device usually assumes the form of a wire bonded to the rear face of the teeth but can also consist of a removable retention gutter. The retention duration is also often a year but may vary depending on the state of the teeth.

In any case, the retainer is not inconvenient for the patients and will keep the teeth in the position they were put by the dental apparatus. This step is essential to ensure lasting results and keep teeth properly aligned.


Even though it can sometimes be complicated, adolescence is an ideal time to start orthodontic treatment or continue care starting in childhood. Most permanent teeth are in place, but the growth is not quite finished, making it easier to move the teeth or jaws.

Another good reason to have dental braces fitted in adolescence is that Social Security reimburses up to 6 semesters of treatment and one year of restraint to make significant savings compared to orthodontics in adults, which is not reimbursed.

We have also seen that metal rings are no longer the only solution at all. Invisible braces can be a fantastic alternative for your child.

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